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Where to get fitted for Metal-Free Dentures in Brisbane.

Oral galvanism has been talked about for well over 100 years. This means that different types of metals grouped together in an electrolyte-like saliva have the potential to create an electric current. The manifestation of galvanism in the mouth may range from localized pain, jaw joint disorder to headache. The old standard would have been to make all restorations in a person’s mouth, including removable frameworks, from the same high noble alloy, and not to mix metals at all. Now we have flexible nylon-base partial dentures which are comfortable and safe for patients.

If you are looking for an alternative to metal wires, hooks and clasps visible on partial dentures, Valplast is the way to go.

  • Cosmetically elegant – no metal clasps
  • Metal free – monomer free – acrylic free
  • Non-invasive clinical procedure
  • Unbreakable without the bulkiness

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